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Chuck Martino
There is no description available for now.
Teacher pet 3
Notorious Production
Coach Cummings cute little assistant, Allaura finds herself right in the middle of the action when she gets discovered with a cock in her mouth on the practice field. Immediately coach brings the students into the locker room for a stiff reprimand. It's looks like the only student taking this field trip is little Drew. But Drew doesn't want to go study. She wants to go chug on cock. Doesn't every little girl want to fuck her bus driver?
The babysitter 9
Notorious Production
Sometimes a babysitter can get real close to the family she work for. Sometimes a girl can develop a crush on the man who employs her. This is the case with Kristina. She's just turned 18 and boy are juices flowing. This one is going to be a real marriage wrecker.
Babewatch 12
Multi Media Pictures
Sex on the beach continues... Superstars Bridgette Kerkove, Amber Lynn, Farah and Brianna Banks team up with hot newcomers Jeanie Rivers and Shasta. Trouble is on the horizon as a terrorist strikes the beach. See the girls in the action as they fuck their way to freedom. It's all in a days work for the girls of babe watch
Nineteen vol 50
Welcome to the 50th anniversary issue of nineteen. We have an outstanding issue in store for you. We took the best scenes from 1-49 to create this special issue.
Teacher pet
Notorious Production
Chloe gets her first lesson in ass fucking 101! Looks like she'll end up with an A! Viviane lets the teacher help her with the ass-signment. Go ahead, pull her pig tails! Jade is determined to pass. She's been doubling up on everything, maybe that's why she insisted on getting DP'd! Violet is so cute! the teacher just has to fuck her in the ass on his desk. Who could resist that little butt?
The babysitter 10
Notorious Production
It's late at night when the babysitter's employer got home. Instead of coming home with his wife he brought his brother in law. He offered to let Paris spend the night and let her know that what ever happened that evening would be their little secret. Let them in your house, and they go to work... on you!
Nineteen vol 47
4 great scenes... Gladiator, or how to get your girlhood excited... studying Roman history! Scary Movie... so scary, I needed her to hold my hand in the dark! VIG II... use your girlhole to pay your father's Mob debts! And finally... Ghost Story or how to handle a homicidal maniac.
For you lovers of the young girl genre we have an exiting new series for you guys. Brats is a series that will have these young cuties strip away any moral or sexual bindings they may have, and transform them to their truest forms... Spoiled little brats who need spankings, cock, and more cock to keep their insatiable appetite satisfied.