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Dave Hardman
Since 1993, Dave Hardman and his stiff member have appeared in more than 1000 porn flicks. He comes across as an average guy; directors love his dependability and co-stars love his gentleness. Dave Hardman was willing to fuck anyWHERE, anytime and with any female; from gang bangs to fat girls, to ladies over 50 to amateurs.
Ass to mouth 1
There's no better way to tell how much a girl loves you than to have her suck your cock when you pull it out of her ass! Either that, or she is just a filthy slut! This video features 4 Big Titted Whores getting analyzed to the extreme and enjoying slurping down their butt juices off the cock that just pulled out. Gaping and drooling are what these girls ENJOY!
Black Bubble Butts
These asses just say 'BAM'. Fine ass black women with bubble butts get funky on rock hard dicks. Shake dat azz baby!!
Brats 2
For you lovers of the young girl genre we have an exiting new series for you guys. Brats is a series that will have these young cuties strip away any moral or sexual bindings they may have, and transform them to their truest forms... Spoiled little brats who need spankings, cock, and more cock to keep their insatiable appetite satisfied.
Filhty Fuckers
The first movie of an extreme hardcore series with endless sex, anal fucking, blowjobs, 2 in 1 actions, lesbians et more...
Internal Combustion 3
Zero Tolerance
Exploding a hot load of cum deep inside a throbbing wet pussy is really special! Watching the filthy slut gulp it down like it was water and swapping it with her girlfriend is priceless! These girls will do just about anything to satisfy their urge for jizz, even if it means drinking cum out of glasses as it oozes from their pink pussies and gaping assholes! Every scene is filled with intense internal cream pies with enough devastating double vaginals, double anals, and blistering blowjobs to make even the strongest stomach quiver! Over two hours with six insane scenes and seven cum-catching sluts freaking their way through four D.P.'s, five anals, one three-on-one, and finishing every scene with an internal cream pie!
Nineteen vol 39
In the 39th edition of 'Nineteen College Girls' we've compiled 4 scenes, from cars breaking down to a man being exiled, no matter what they always end up having the fuck of their lives.
Tail gating 1
Shut up and show us your tits.
The Bang Van
Multi Media Pictures
So here was the plan we would get a big van and drive three porn actors around all day finding chicks for them to fuck in the van. I somehow talked Dave Hardman into coming out of retirement for this. Mr. Pete was just stoned and didnít know what was going on, and Johnny does this every night anyway. So there we were with camera in hand and no other plans, we set out across the city to find pussy. Any kind we could get.
The babysitter 9
Notorious Production
Sometimes a babysitter can get real close to the family she work for. Sometimes a girl can develop a crush on the man who employs her. This is the case with Kristina. She's just turned 18 and boy are juices flowing. This one is going to be a real marriage wrecker.
Titty Mania vol. 1
An unabashed celebration of big meaty breasts. A tit man's dream. A showcase of mammaires. Huge, gigantic mounds of flesh are squeezed, fondled and fucked to the max. These tits are sucked smeared and spewed on like you've never seen. Big boobs, you gotta love them!
Ultimate Tits
Leisure Time
The biggest roundest boobs get covered in cum as they give hung studs the best tit fucking!
Ass to mouth 2
This volume of A.T.M. (Ass To Mouthers) features only Black Babes slurping on meatpoles pulled directly out of their butt holes! Video superstars Monique and Sierra love nothing more than swallowing their own ass juices and lap up cum. Up and coming new cummers Mercury and Kia Ivy are the finger points of ass fucking. If you like Gaping Assholes, Double Anal Penetration and Tons of Butt Fucking then this is the video for you!!! And remember - any girl can ass fuck but if she's willing to2Vsk your pole clean afterwards...that's LOVE!!!
Babe Watch # 1
Multi Media Pictures
The babes of Babe Watch are looking for a taste of action and all the action is at the beach! Buck Adams and Multimedia Pictures bring you the hottest selling swimsuit series!
Black Beach Patrol 2
Meet the girls of Black Beach Patrol. Hot, big booty ebony lifguards wearing tight red bathing suits doing more than just saving lives. These girls are ready, willing and able!!!
Black Beach Patrol 8
The girls of Black Beach Patrol are back for another beach-side fuckfest. Watch as these hot ebony lifeguards suck and fuck in order to save lives. These girls are ready, willing and able!
Don't Tell Mommy # 3
Notorious Production
Are you ready to meet your next door neighbors. Yeah, you know the ones. That little girl who has now grown up, with the firm young tits. and her little brother who is now always beating off. And her other daughter who wants to be a slut like her mommy. And what about the dad who wears lingerie and fucks his step daughter up the ass. Or the neighbor who is a peeping Tom, or the lesbian wife of his. Welcome to another snippet of Americana.
Filthy Fuckers 201
2 dicks for the price of 1 ! most of these girls have a good sence of cock business, haven't they ? And when you can't have a dick stuffed in your ass why don't try a vibro with one of your best friend ?
Naughty Little nymphos 6
Notorious Production
Little Sabrina has been warned not to play in the junkyard. But, she wouldn't listen. What happened that terrible, rainy day would live with her forever. but what does this little slut care? After being captured by zombies, Ariko awakens to find one with a horribly rotted skull beating off to her. Everybody knows a girl can't turn down a hard cock. Even when it's attached to a dead guy. Oh well girls will be girls. this little English slut loves to play with rubber balls, balls, balls, thatís what little girl love. Wow, look at those big black balls kinky found! I guess she'll have to play with then too! Poor little Jade, she's as stupid as a dodo bird. It's a good thing she has an understanding professor who points her in the right direction for academic success. that's right, with a firm cock up her ass.
The Bang Van 2
Multi Media Pictures
Alright, so we decide to hit the streets again and get the Bang Van rollin and thumblin. Its almost too easy for us, Finding these little sluts who want nothing more then to get inside and get their cunts and asses fucked!!
The babysitter 13
Notorious Production
It's has been getting out of control these last few weeks but what can he do. He has fallen in love with the cute, cuddly little girl whom his wife hired to watch the kids. Renee's soft little body and tight asshole was all he yearned for. He had to have that teen twat... and he did! the pussy doesn't get any fresher!!!
College Girl volume 37
4 films on this DVD : Anatomy of a suicide ode to Billy Frank ; In the autumn of 1980, a young man in love discovers the tragedies of life. the love of a lifetime... a tragic accident... an unthinkable decision. Based on the true story. ; Artificials X-19 : In the future, cloning will become inevitable. How would you like to purchase a fresh 19 year old who's only duty in life is to see to your physical needs? ; It's a Saturday night : Mom's getting dressed. A dinner date waiting downstairs with an obnoxious, horny daughter fantasizes about who he really wants to fuck. Tender, Fresh pee-hole, or well done? ; The bitch that wouldn't leave : you know the kind. They think they're in love. You can't get rid of them with a boot in the ass. Follow the adventure of this poor schmuck, as he makes the age old decision : should I get rid of her, or just keep on fucking?
Filthy Fuckers 187
As wet as a pool ! These girls are licking and sucking wet pussies as you never seen it before. They masturbate hard and only get one idea in mind, a big hard dick in their sweet pussy. Some of them prefer to be stuffed by toys and cocks, and royally pounded.
Filthy Fuckers 205
These girls are pretty, young and sweet on a first sight. Watch how they can become sex-evils with a dick in their mouth. They ride, fuck, suck, eat every coming dicks and cums with an incredible appetite.
Kinky Debutante Interviews # 3
Inner View Video
Dildos vibrators and toys (all of incredible size). Watch this slut do it all. She takes it up the ass and the pussy and every single hole she can. Conclusion: Older chicks are hot as hell.
Naughty Littlle Nymphos
Notorious Production
Left alone for the weekend. Vivienne invites her friend candy over for a slumber party - but they have an uninvited guest! What's a couple of girls to do? She's eighteen years old, but Jade still needs to stay after school, this time she learns a lesson she won't soon forget! When mommy says no to a brand new car for a little spoiled brat, it's off to her new daddy's office to get her way!
Old women are better - Vol 2
Sunshine Films
Gray Panthers are the best lovers.Passionate wise women keep you satisfied!
Tabitha is on fire
Explosive Video
Tabitha is one hot peice of pussy. Blonde, big breasted and one amazing ass, all together, these element give one great movies WHERE Tabitha Stevens in the center of attention.