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Franco Teodulo
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Now what can make a movie better than sex and guns. Explosiv is a great German flick about a girl with a mission. Fuck, suck and shoot the people who killed her brother!
Leg Love
Elegant Angel
Long and Luscious, Lean and Hard, Toes that Sparkle, Soles that Arch, Spread'em Wide, Raise'em Up, Taste the Sweetness, then, Grab your Dick!
Quickies 1
Girls today aren't like they were before. No more romance or flirting. These girls just want a hardcore pounding and they want it quick!
Das Superweib
Going up the corporate ladder can be a bitch, or is a bitch going up the corporate ladder sucking and fucking everybody that can help her advance. I guess when Valerie was hired, it wasn't for her social skill but her social thrill's!
La villa del martirio
FM Video
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