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Herschel Savage
Herschel started his more than 500 movies career in the skin flicks and New York’s live shows in the late '70's. He retired in the early 90's to raise a family. Now, the X-Rated Hall of Fame member is back. His best work can be seen in The Masseuse 3, Heartache and his portrayal of a President caught with his pants down in Scenes from the Oral Office. In his late 40's, Herschel is out-fucking and out-acting many half his age.
Big Bottom Sadie
Elegant Angel
All I can say is this has more sex and more heat than anything I’ve ever filmed... The action is non-stop and the girls were insatiable. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making Big Bottom Sadie.
Filthy Little cock suckers
As the title implies, these girls are flat out filthy ! Cock slurping, throat fucking, ball licking with a little bit of pussy and ass fucking just for the hell of it ! With sluts like this sometimes you can't help it. If you like sloppy blowjobs, this movie is for you.
Babewatch 12
Multi Media Pictures
Sex on the beach continues... Superstars Bridgette Kerkove, Amber Lynn, Farah and Brianna Banks team up with hot newcomers Jeanie Rivers and Shasta. Trouble is on the horizon as a terrorist strikes the beach. See the girls in the action as they fuck their way to freedom. It's all in a days work for the girls of babe watch
Filthy Fuckers 191
Everything's possible ! Better have sex outdoor when anybody can surprise you... why don't try for once a hard big cock in my virgin ass. These girls have a lot of imagination when it's about sex, and want to be well surrounded and stuffed.
Kendra Jade the Extreme Squirt
Gentlemens Video
Kendra is known for her outrageous sex acts, but Kendra has just gotten wilder! She looked great as a blonde, but now she’s gone to the dark side! The nasty things this beauty does is beyond belief... She's a sex-crazed, pink-pussied, cock-sucking, cunt-licking, big-boobed babe who knows the reason why guys have cocks
Nineteen vol 50
Welcome to the 50th anniversary issue of nineteen. We have an outstanding issue in store for you. We took the best scenes from 1-49 to create this special issue.
Teacher pet
Notorious Production
Chloe gets her first lesson in ass fucking 101! Looks like she'll end up with an A! Viviane lets the teacher help her with the ass-signment. Go ahead, pull her pig tails! Jade is determined to pass. She's been doubling up on everything, maybe that's why she insisted on getting DP'd! Violet is so cute! the teacher just has to fuck her in the ass on his desk. Who could resist that little butt?
Total Backstage 1
You've seen adult videos before but unless you've been on the set, you haven't seen the real action! This is your all access backstage pass to view adult films as never before! Go WHERE the cameras usually don't... into the private lives of real adult stars and see what they really do to get off!
Naughty Littlle Nymphos
Notorious Production
Left alone for the weekend. Vivienne invites her friend candy over for a slumber party - but they have an uninvited guest! What's a couple of girls to do? She's eighteen years old, but Jade still needs to stay after school, this time she learns a lesson she won't soon forget! When mommy says no to a brand new car for a little spoiled brat, it's off to her new daddy's office to get her way!
Nineteen vol 47
4 great scenes... Gladiator, or how to get your girlhood excited... studying Roman history! Scary Movie... so scary, I needed her to hold my hand in the dark! VIG II... use your girlhole to pay your father's Mob debts! And finally... Ghost Story or how to handle a homicidal maniac.
Squirting Gunn
Gentlemens Video
Meet the effervescent Montana Gunn who has a hair trigger for passion. She's ready and willing to please her men anyway she can, but she's got one hell of a surprise for all cummers... It's a wet and wild gift. So get you rubbers on, because she's about to shower you with love.
Lap Dance Fantasies
Gentlemens Video
They'll sit on your lap and slowly grind their naked pussy on your leg leaving a warm wet spot. You get so horny that the next thing you know your cock is hard and throbbing. It's OK because there no bouncers in this bar, so the girls can do what they want… you can eat their pink cunt or fuck them raw then they’ll suck the jizm right out of your cock!
Born to be buttwoman
Elegant Angel
'The Buttwoman Character has some big buns to fill!' The more repressed the country, the more perverted the populace! England is he birthplace and Layla Jade is the product! Enough said! You’ll see it all... cocks licked clean after being parked in the dark alley, D.P.'s, cum eating, 3 ways and more ways! And all with filthy, perverted little tart Layla at the control! I hope you enjoy it.