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Luc Wylder
This tattooed love god entered into the world of adult movies in the arm of Arianna. Together they starred in many hardcore features and also quite a few fetish and specialty projects. Luc launched the Dirty Dancers line of tapes, featuring red-hot strippers who decide to get down and do the wild thing on tape with him and his partner of the moment. Often they perform with their fancy. In the past year, Luc has blossomed into a full time director and producer, launching his own company, Fallen Angel. He's a thinking man's porn director who likes to explore the dark and more decadent sides of one's libido. His releases are eclectic and innovative, so don't miss a one. If you're looking for a guy who gives you the turn-ons that you don't often talk about, look to Luc Wylder."
Wet T-shirt Models Spanked
Global Video Productions
Probably you've seen the most of these gorgeous models before but... For sure you've never seen them in one of these ipostases. The only reason for that is that right now you are in your way to see the 'Spanking Erotica'. BEWARE: This is authentic corporal punishment! The cane, rod, whip, strap... you'll feel every stinging blow!
Censor This
Join 'the Pornstar Comedian' as he exposes the truth in the lies about the world of Pornography, as only an Irish, Polish, Roman Catholic from Chicago's Nortwest Side can! Stand Up because... Comedy + Sex = a funny Fucking video!