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Max Hardcore
a.k.a. Paul Little, Max Steiner, Rex Reamer, Video Paul, Paul Little, Sam Smythe Porn Star Max Hardcore has been called a lot of things during his career in the industry. Sadistic misogynist. Violent drunk. Porn visionary. The one label that everyone can agree on, though, is this one: success. Max Hardcore has carved out a unique niche for himself in the porn world that no one could ever duplicate, as much as the Rob Blacks and Al Bordas of the world might try. Max Hardcore was born as Paul Little in Racine, Illinois in 1959, one of six children of a working class Catholic family. He was a hyperactive, often troublesome child whose aggressive tendencies at his Catholic school eventually got him put on medication. After high school, he dabbled in construction work and photography. He had an epiphany of sorts one night while watching a porn video from John 'Buttman' Stagliano. Max figured that if Stagliano could be a porn big shot, anyone could
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