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Rebecca Lord
Rebecca Lord is a stunning little French firecracker who hit the ground running in 1995 and showed herself to be one of the absolute hottest of the recent spate of European imports. Rebecca Lord's a real cutie, with a lithe little body, dazzling medium-sized mams, a taut butt, and an adorable face. Rebecca Lord's smile exudes the wholesome aura of a perky foreign exchange student, but when she stares into the eyes of a potential partner, her eyes give off a sensual, lusty ardor that is a natural aphrodisiac. And of course, that French accent is quite a turn-on. When it comes to sex, Rebecca Lord is not quite as adventurous as many European porn queens: She prefers more romantic, gentle films to the nastier flicks that dominate the scene, but Rebecca Lord is more than able to handle herself no matter how raw things get.
Buff Jail babe
Vamp pictures Inc.
Watch this tough and buff jail beauty get down on all fours and suck that cock like its her first time. The ultimate babes behind bars! Watch what happens when these muscle honeys get down on the wild side! These buff jailbeauties crave for some hard cock time! See what they will do just to taste some of that sweet and milky love juice! Hottest sex deprived beauties ever to be put on tape.
Private Vignettes 2
Nasty Pixxx
Sylvia saint and her friends get down and dirty in this movie extreme sex scenes amazing fucking straight from the first shots!! enjoy
The Dresden Diary 21
Global Video Productions
No series captures the true essence of training new slaves like the Dresden diaries... and part 21 is no exception. Be warned... these are professionals who are well trained and experienced in the art of bondage. DO NOT try the acts of punishment that you are about to watch at home.
Have whip will trave.
Global Video Productions
Director Ernest Greene brings you up close, up very close to the intense and priv ate world of eager and willing submissives. Join these slaves who absolutely love the painful acts of discipline and punishment they are so mercilessly subjected to.
Private vignette
Nasty Pixxx
Rebecca Lord and her friend are able to do some good sex party, watch them in the action!!!
The Dresden Diary 20
Global Video Productions
BDSM is what this movie is about... shot in the most beautiful castles, this is by far the most intense Dresden we've ever seen!