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Sabrina Jayde
a dazzlingly pretty young gal who's been quite busy since getting into the biz. She's got a wonderfully youthful look about her, and a mouthwatering all-natural figure that's home to some scrumptious curves. Sabrina Jade is of mixed Mexican and French ancestry, a combination that gives a slightly exotic look to her stunning features. While Sabrina Jade may look outwardly innocent at first, her tongue and navel piercings point to her wanton and wild side. Sabrina Jade first hit hardcore screens in 2000, getting into the business soon after her eighteenth birthday. She took the standard route into the industry, popping up in a couple of pro-am vids before moving on to full-blown features. Sabrina Jade steamed up Ed Powers in 'More Dirty Debutantes #139,' but her best pro-am performance would have to be her torrid trysting with David Luger in 'Filthy First Timers #19.'
Chrissy the Campus Slut
Meet Chrissy, She is a freshman and has just pledged the Pi Pi sorority. Lucky Chrissy gets Kelly to be her big sister and will be in charge of her pledge training. What’s a big sister to do but make sure this little freshman gets properly acquainted to the Greek life. And that means sucking and f**king every fraternity man she can find.
Naughty Little nymphos 6
Notorious Production
Little Sabrina has been warned not to play in the junkyard. But, she wouldn't listen. What happened that terrible, rainy day would live with her forever. but what does this little slut care? After being captured by zombies, Ariko awakens to find one with a horribly rotted skull beating off to her. Everybody knows a girl can't turn down a hard cock. Even when it's attached to a dead guy. Oh well girls will be girls. this little English slut loves to play with rubber balls, balls, balls, that’s what little girl love. Wow, look at those big black balls kinky found! I guess she'll have to play with then too! Poor little Jade, she's as stupid as a dodo bird. It's a good thing she has an understanding professor who points her in the right direction for academic success. that's right, with a firm cock up her ass.
Pink Eye 4
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Huge cum loads right in the eye!! 10 sperm drenched sluts with an eye for cum.
The Babysitter 4
Notorious Production
Not so innocent, not so sweet, For a few ext5ra bucks... She'll suck your meat!