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Wanda Curtis
Wanda Curtis a.k.a. Annalisa Montezemolo. Hungarian Porn Star Wanda Curtis is one of the most exciting ladies on the scene today, a brunette who exudes sexual allure from every pore. Although she's been in the game for many years, folks are just starting to catch up to the undeniable charms of this brash sexual adventurer. Wanda Curtis was born in Hungary on November 7, 1975. By the age of 21 she was working in Budapest's thriving sex district, and it's there that she was spotted by American porn producers in 1997. Wanda Curtis' appeal was evident to the producers from the moment they laid eyes on her, and she was more than happy to delve into some on-screen debauchery for their cameras. Here first film was One Million Dollar Babes. This is what people think of when they think of European porn -- no holes barred raunch starring young women. Wanda Curtis followed that up with an equally head-spinning session in 'Penetration #8,' going for broke in a wild group groping opener. Wanda Curtis drifted away from the Stateside porn scene for a bit after 1998, shooting an occasional flick for Private but for the most part remaining fairly incognito. By 2001 she was ready to once again make her mark on U.S. hardcore. In the meantime, she had married Herschel Savage and moved to the States, making her eligible to continue her carnal career on our shores.
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