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Babe Watch # 6
Multi Media Pictures
If you havenít recovered from Babe Watch 5 , pucker up for some more mouth to (BLANK) resuscitation. (We'll let you fill in the blank). The tide isn't the only thing thatís up on the beach this summer.
Scene 1: By the pool
Better stay out of the pool now because the lifeguard is busy fucking her boyfriend.
Scene 2: Busty Brunette
This busty Brunette isn't playing it hard to get. She sucks cock like a champ then sits on top of it bouncing her big boobs up and down.
Scene 3: On the boat
One last fuck before he's going away. This nasty Blonde will do anything including getting a load of cum on her ass.
Scene 4: Comforting
Two life guards find comfort in each other's lesbian arms.They eat each other with passion then send those pleasuring fingers into their pussies.
Scene 5: Garden of eden
This busty Blonde is truly an angel of sex. her perfect shaved pussy is eaten raw then pounded hard until the load is released straight on her ass.
Scene 6: Make up sex
To prove his love to her he must eat her pussy and convince her she is the only one. Looks like she's convinced.