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Babewatch 14
Multi Media Pictures
The New Wave Continues…. The beach will never be the same…
Scene 1: Help a girl out..
Worried about her career as a life guard, she tries to convince, in many ways, her superior to help her out.
Scene 2: She's scared..
Worried about recent event, this gorgeous blond lifeguard get comforted in Bo's big arms...
Scene 3: Stand by me..
Getting fired sucks, but thing always get better when you got a young blonde at home waiting to suck you off!
Scene 4: Busty babes on deck...
Busty babes discuss the case of ones deceased fiance. After a while, one starts sobbing and the other comforts her by playing with her tits and clit!
Scene 5: The asian lifeguard...
It's her first day and she brings Kevin back home with her. She thinks he's cute and she's going to try to get into his pants.. will she succeed?