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Bend over and say Ahh 2
Coast to Coast
Needing an advertising campaign Mu Mu Sol Laxative Inc, takes a risk! To their surprise pushy advertising executive, Tom, delivers the catch phrase... 'Bend Over and Say Ahh!' Airing during a national sports extravaganza, it unexpectedly is a hit with the ladies who are more than ready to bend over to get what they want
Scene 1: Brain Freeze
Having problems writing his laxative slogan this jingle writer finds inspiration in his girlfriend's ass.
Scene 2: Executive trio
These two advertising executives get a drunken slut up to their room and make her bend over and say AHHHH. She doesn't get a chance to close her mouth because there is a cock in it.
Scene 3: Bust game
The game on TV was really bad but the commercial gave them inspiration to bend over and say ahh...and you already know WHERE that's going.
Scene 4: Melanie the model
Melanie is going to be the face of the campaign but first she has to prove that she can bend over and say ahhhh
Scene 5: Partner's wife
Not wanting to leave their friend outside the fun this couple invites him to join them in a threesome party. All holes get filled here.