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Flash Flood 4
Coast to Coast
Take the plunge! Some men spend their whole life looking for one. They're beautiful, passionate, and when you get them hot enough... They squirt like geysers and cum like rolling thunder!
Scene 1: The new bedroom
celebrating her new bedroom this slut brings a drunk back to her place and fuck his brains out.
Scene 2: The experiment
He wanted to find out if Samantha can squirt when she comes. Giving it his best shot he started warming her up eating and fingerig her pussy. After fucking her pussy she got so excited but did she squirt? You have to watch to find out.
Scene 3: A wet dream
This dream is wet in so many ways including the squirt coming straight from that pretty shaved pussy.
Scene 4: Helping out her boss
This dedicated secretary was invited with her boss to a party that turns out to be a gang bang. She bails out on the gang bang but the party goes on without her.
Scene 5: After party
After bailing on the orgy this beautiful assistant decides it's the perfect opportunity to fuck her boss.