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Flyin' Solo
For the ultimate in scaldingly hot voyeuristic action, it's time to load your weapons and take a long hard aim at Paul Barresi's Flyin' Solo - WHERE on a dark stormy night, a group of macho military top guns suddenly take matters into their own hands! And what happens next is the big-dicked, cum-slicked, power-pricked jack-off epic of the year. Once again, Barresi reinvents a classic xxx formula- this time giving a sexy new spin to the solo-themed stroke-a-thons with scorching visuals, male bonding, gritty dialog and an unbeatable group of men who stand read and willing to shoot their lusty loads just for you.
Scene 1: Flyboy briefings
This group of flyboys gets a thorough briefing on the use of their hot rods. Group wanking and basic examination of the tools is also included
Scene 2: Target Practice
When getting ready to shoot a load, one has to take great care to hit the target. This mega wanking session is all about shooting your load the right way
Scene 3: Long range missiles
Now that we've established the importance of hitting the target some long range shooting is in order. Time to bring out the heavy artillery