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Historic Affairs
Take a jizz-jammed journey into a passionate past with director Paul Barresi's time-spanning epic of men lovin' men. Lavish, lusty and lubricated for XXX action, affairs honors a historical parade of hot'n horny hungks, exploring their deepest desires. Barresi's cock-crammed quartet of century-shifting tales moves adult video into an exciting new arena of cutting edge erotica - blending scorching sex, magnificent men and a cleverly cohesive plot to croch-churning effect. Step into a prick-paved past and... experience the primal, pulsating passion of Trojan Soldiers on their last night alone before going to battle... Witness a civil ware era cocksman, and insatiable American Indian and a confederate colossus reinvent the rebel Yell. Get an up-close view of a buffed, bubble-butted british red coat on the run and his ball busting blessing from a monk hunk. Dive into the down'n dirty delirium of a nice 'n nasty Naval Officer and his semen-spweing seaman as they celebrate the demise of world war 2.
Scene 1: On the eve of battle
Two Trojan soldiers prepare for battle and take what might be their last chance to properly 'love' each other….uhm, they fuck
Scene 2: The Church's blessing
This British soldier could not find the courage to fight until a priest of the church gave him the gift of love
Scene 3: Peace on all
As the civil war is coming to an end this trio if confederacy and union soldiers come together with a native american to show the love
Scene 4: Life of a sailor
A sailor's life is lonely and hard, and that's not the only thing that's hard on a sailor, as you can see in this clip