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Kuken 7
Red Light
Extreme CUMSHOTS, Extreme FUCKING, Extreme SUCKING, Extreme ANAL, Extreme HARDCORE. 100 minutes of all the EXTREMES, see what all these girls do for pleasure and for excitement... Enjoy these young German beauties in action!
Scene 1: A steamy shower scene.
Edina, the slutty little spy is checking out Sigmun who is stoking it in the shower. He finally realises Edina is watching and enjoying the show. So he invites her over to suck his dong!
Scene 2: Fuck in da club!
Nice slut with huge tits dances and masturbates for a guy in a disco. Then sucks his dick and gets fucked by him. He eats her pussy and gives her a facial.
Scene 3: Caught in a porno flick.
Blonde slut angry for recognizing her boyfriend in some porno magazine, wants to compare dicks to make sure. So she sucks his dick, then fucks him and gets a load of cum on her tits. It looks like it was him after all...
Scene 4: Party of four!
Blonde with huge tits rides a guy in the bathroom, while another blonde with pigtails sucks a guy in the bedroom. Afterwards they all continue a little orgy in the bedroom, including blow jobs, anal and pussy action.
Scene 5: The wood chuker.
Home alone, Edina starts to get horny watching a young man her father hired hacking wood outside. She invites him in and one thing leads to another. Before you know it, this dude is applying his hacking skills on her tight wet cunt!
Scene 6: Delicious fruits.
Steffi, a gorgeous blonde bought strawberries from a guy that likes to taste the fruits straight out of her ass, pussy and tits. She likes the idea, so she puts strawberries on his dick before sucking it. This is one healthy fruit diet.