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La Lunga Notte di Cristina
Cristina is a young girl about to spend a very long night. A great euro flick with a kinky mid-evil twist!
Scene 1: Cristina, the slut!
Cristina and viscount Viarci seem to be in love. But the sad truth is that Cristina is in reality digging for his fortune! Because as we see, the pleasure is coming from the stable guy, the one who's gonna penetrate her pink tight pussy. And, at the end, she's desperate to eat all his sperm!
Scene 2: I love to watch!
This guy's only desire is to masturbate himself watching the people involved in the sexual act! For the moment he’s watching a nice blonde woman who's riding a white 'horse'!
Scene 3: Beautiful young tits!
This chick loves to drink and to fuck in the same time. She’s loosing her mind but with this big cock between her legs nothings else matter. You may watch this!
Scene 4: Two girls, one man. No chance for him!
One blonde and one brunette. This man has no any chance to escape. They suck his dick and after that he has to fuck everyone until the pleasure!
Scene 5: Is she sleeping?
This brunette chick loves to watch her boyfriend fucking other girls. So she's gonna try to catch the action, doesn't matter how, even suggesting that she's drugged!
Scene 6: I don't want to sleep! Fuck me my lord!
Watch this blonde chick. You can't imagine how she's doing the perfect blowjob. She wants to cover the both holes in the same time, but how?. It's just one man. She loves to shake the cock between her natural tits!