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Lady Fellatio # 2
Elegant Angel
With 7 new girls in this movie there is bound to be some hardcore action going on, like cum snorting, public sex, swallowing, rim jobs and much more cock sucking... Enjoy!!
Scene 1: Mason babysits Claire.
Claire is 18, sitting in the living room and blowing bubbles. Mr Stone, a friend of the family swings by and ask to use her phone and the babysitter disagrees at first but Claire let's him in anyway. They get to talking and before we know it, she's sucking off Mr. Stone.
Scene 2: Hot asian; Mika Tan.
Mika Tan. What can I say about her. She is a young, gorgeous asian with a pair of huge appetizing tits. She just loves dick and sucking them is her favorite pass-time. Watch.
Scene 3: Sabrina likes it raw.
Horny British brunette with a craving for dick. She says it herself, 'I just love cock and getting face fucked'. Watch.
Scene 4: Bathroom Job.
Appearances can be deceiving. What seems to be a regular dump, in reality isn't at all. Jake is reading a magazine while sitting on the throne. When he removes the magazine, we discover a gorgeous Mika Tan giving him the head of his life.
Scene 5: Happy aniversary.
Talk about anniversary presents. This slut sure knows how to surprise her man. She blindfolds him and sits him on a chair, then she starts sucking off another dude! Whoa. Like this guy is going to be happy with his present.
Scene 6: Gag bitch, gag.
What a gorgeous ass on this chick. Blonde with braded hair and an ass to die for, plus, She can suck a good dick and just loves pushing it beyond the gag threshold.
Scene 7: Just dying for that dick.
Velvet is a gorgeous 26 year old woman with an insatiable appetite for cock. Watch as she sucks off some dude with such passion she will make you shiver with anticipation.
Scene 8: Stevie gives these two girls a hard time.
These two young latinas just love to play with eachother and are into some S&M, but when Steve walk in, he changes their entire perspective about sucking cock. They just love it now and can't get enough.
Scene 9: Wash the dishes bitch.
Olivia is washing dishes in a tight, revealing white t-shirt. For some reason, she keeps getting water on that t-shirt and it reveals two beautiful nipples. When Kyle walks in, he just dominates her and gets a good blowjob.
Scene 10: Jayla sucks off Steve.
Jayla went to an all-girl school. One thing they taught her was men and the importance of sex. She loves it because it was denied to her at a young age.
Scene 11: Will suck for food.
Alexandra was having a hard time. She has no place to live, her car got stolen and she didn't eat anything for two days. On the road, she is the inventor of the latest hitchhicing technique: a sign that says, will suck for food.