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Leg Sex Dream
Leg Sex Dream is exactly what it says, for the foot fetish Purist, but not only for them. We have the sensational Ava Lustra to tantalize you with her feet. The scenes are also interlaced with legs & pussy shaving, solo masturbation, lesbian action (including, of course, a couple of great foot to pussy scene) and voyeurism. Nothing has been spared to give you total focus and extreme close-ups of delicious soft smooth feet! The final scene is one of the greatest ever made by mixing up the clasical hardcore with the high sensuality of the heels & hose on the amazing body of unique Ava!
Scene 1: Endless legs
This blonde has legs that never end and she takes them for a strol before settling in bed to satisfy herself.
Scene 2: The hitch hiker
Sometimes you get a little extra when you hitch a ride. this girl found a nympho that took her for all she could give.
Scene 3: Hooking up
Two lesbos hook up in a cafe and go on a sexy stroll.
Scene 4: In the car
On the way back from their little sex cruise these two lesbos still have enough in them to go a round in the car.
Scene 5: Ticklish feet
Back at the house our lesbos break out the dildo and love beads and have them selves a little celebration.
Scene 6: main course
This waiter is having his customer's feet for a main course and tops it off with creaming her toes.