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Marine Obsessions
Just when you thought it was safe to crank up the VCR comes a video so shocking and controversial that seen ultra jaded xxx connoisseurs are calling it the most bizarre and twisted gay flick of the year. Because beyond the boundaries of your imagination lies a secret, sex-crazed would that know no inhibition... no taboo... no limit. Beyond mere lust... beyond vanilla sex... beyond time itself. Now, kick back, lube up and bravely enter a demented, down and dirty, dick-drenched dimension and experience up close Paul Barresi's powerfully provocative expose of military machismo: 'Marine Obsessions'. With this zipper ripper of a trip into the Marine mind set - WHERE private passions and forbidden fantasies scorch the screen- acclaimed director Barresi finally brings the military to its knees. Don't say we didn't warn you. Set against the tradition bound facade of the soldier's code of conduct, 'Marine Obesessions' dares to show it all. Here, hot, horse-hung, lewd leathernecks, jizz-hungry jarheads and gritty groan-filled grunts feast on a sex-sweeping smorgasbord of cum-coated, eye-popping perversions!
Scene 1: Marine Latrine
You be your ass there's some hot action going on in Marine Latrines. Like this duo on cleaning duty getting down on their sergeants
Scene 2: Miss captian
Serge is reporting to the captain for some disciplinary action and much to his amazement finds captain garbed in lingerie and high heels. Serge doesn't really swing for the ladies but when Captain pull his 'influence' he relents
Scene 3: Disciplinary Action
Finally, some discipline instilled in the army. Spanking is administered WHERE spanking is due and all the captain is kept happy with some kinky bondage action
Scene 4: In the Navy
When this sailor boy is caught with a dildo the captain knows he's hit the jackpot and quickly bends him over the desk for some extreme fucking action
Scene 5: Action Sailor
Everyone wants a piece of this sailor it seems, as the drill sergeant walks in on him dozing after his adventure with the captain and quickly take him on a another joy ride