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Naughty little Nymphos 13
Notorious Production
Over the hills & highways these little whores go cumming up to bring you the naughty nymphos' show!!!
Scene 1: Eliza
Mr. Jones had been waiting for this moment for months. finally his wife was out of town and he was left alone with the nanny. her sweet, little young body beckoned him. He knew it was wrong. but it felt so right to have his cock stuck up her ass!
Scene 2: Pillow Fight
Let's see what we have here. a group of young girls having a slumber party, all lying around in their PJ's eating popcorn and talking about boys. then somebody swings the first pillow. then somebody licks the first cunt. then out come the fingers and toys!
Scene 3: Alexis
It's tough for Johnny. He has no girlfriends and gets no sex other than with his blow up plastic animals. Then one fateful day his sister's best friend catches him, but doesn't make fun of him. Like all the other girls. Because all she cares about his cock.
Scene 4: Once you go black, you never go back.
Poor little Gen, she just got dumped by her boyfriend after she finally gave up the pussy to him. All he wanted to do was fuck her. she feels so used. then she learns what every girl should do to get over a guy - hop on the first black dick they can find! Like the famous philosopher Skeeter once said. 'If it ain't black, throw it back'!!