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Nineteen vol 39
In the 39th edition of 'Nineteen College Girls' we've compiled 4 scenes, from cars breaking down to a man being exiled, no matter what they always end up having the fuck of their lives.
Scene 1: The Car
Young Kelly trys to fix her car in the middle of noWHERE. A mechanic looks at it and then gives her a price. Unfortunately, Kelly has no cash... I'll leave the rest to you imagination!
Scene 2: Some horny friends
Nineteen is a beautiful age. Especially when your brother's friends are visiting with only one thing in mind: your nasty pussy.
Scene 3: Mr Johnson fantasy
Mr Johnson is married but unhappy. He keeps dreaming of his sexy babysitter. Suddenly his dream becomes reality.
Scene 4: On the run
When Jim Powers finds out that the deadliest mafia man is after him, he has no other choice than to hide. One year later, in Africa even when he gets the fuck of his life, the terror is still real. He enjoys every fuck like it was the last!