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Not just another 8 teen movie 2
Zero Tolerance
Decisions, decisions, decisions! Turning eighteen-years-old confronts a young vixen with difficult choices. 'Am I still considered a virgin if I let a stranger fuck my ass instead of my cooch? Does hot cum really do wonders for my complexion like the other girls say it does? If I blow two guys at once, does it mean I’m cheating on one of them?' The best way these tender tarts can solve their pressing pussy predicaments is by listening to their cunts and following their asses. A budding young love tunnel is too precious of a treat to ignore and neglect! Here’s to helping these cuties make all the right decisions!
Scene 1: Mary Kate Ashley
This 19 year old candy wants to be a porn star. Tony Ribes gives it to her like she's never gotten it before fingering her pink pussy and porking her on the couch.
Scene 2: Shana Knight
This red headed German energy bomb loves blow jobs and loves to blow older men. She gets it from a 38 year old stud in this movie sucking on everything from his fingers to his cock.
Scene 3: Delilah
Delilah will fuck anything and anybody. She gets two guys to fill her up in this clip.
Scene 4: Kaylah Marie
Kaylah is just 18 years old but she is already experienced in fucking on camera. Claudio enjoys her young pussy to the fullest fingering it and sticking his massive cock up and down.
Scene 5: Becca Bratt
This guy's dick hooks to the left but she seems to love it all the more when it's in her pussy.
Scene 6: Lisa Marie
20 year old Lisa Marie is into soccer and into cock. She gets plenty of cock up her cunt in this clip.