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Open wide and say Ahh! 2
Coast to Coast
Bigger and better. These 9 cum starved vixens generate more suction than a fleet of vacuums, turned loose on 7 huge cocks. Watch as they fill their mouths with huge smokin' tube steaks and eagerly lap up steaming, hot puddles of creamy jizz.
Scene 1: One chick and two big black dicks
A white chick sucks on two giant black dicks with skill until getting two fat loads to the face.
Scene 2: BJ on video
A blonde sucks on dick while the video plays in close circuit TV.
Scene 3: Ebony and Ivory
A petite white girl has a fat black cock in her mouth and takes it all the way in.
Scene 4: busty older slut
An older slut shows us that she still loves to suck cock.
Scene 5: Wild red head
Red head wild teen kneals down on the carpet and take the cock in her mouth.
Scene 6: On the table
This horny girl is sprawled all over the table touching herself until she's turned around and gets a cock shoved in her mouth.
Scene 7: Skinny girl
This girl is so skinny no wonder she's hungry....for cock.
Scene 8: Blonde loving the black cock
When a fat piece of black salami is given to you, you better know what to do with it.
Scene 9: Teen Dancer
A young teen starts a sexy dance then crawls across the carpet to her target, the cock.