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Pink Eye 5
Notorious Production
It's the love that you can see cumming.. It's time to give you a blast of Goo.....
Scene 1: The Blonde
A hot blonde sucks cokc like a champ. Watch her bob back and forth with perfect rhythm until finally she gets her reward, a warm load straight to the eye.
Scene 2: The cure
What's the perfect cure for an itchy eye? A hot load of jizz of course.
Scene 3: Wanking off
Caught spanking the monkey this guy's girlfriend gets hot and starts blowing him. He rewards her by cuming straight into her eyes.
Scene 4: Gia
Gia is from California and this is her first BJ on film. She loks like a natural.
Scene 5: Going for a swim
Since sh'es not going for a swim she may as well suck some cock.
Scene 6: Having Fun
What's more fun than sucking your boyfriend's dick? having him cum in your eye.
Scene 7: Pee Pee long Stockings
This Pee Pee really likes to play with her peepy. She also likes to suck cock and have cum in her eyes.
Scene 8: Mouth full of spit
Cheeck out this Blonde move like a machine up and down the cock until she finally squeezes that jizz our right into her eyes.